Get Leads with Missed Call Services

missed call services

Missed call alert services is very useful service in today’s IT innovation world.  Missed call services enables you to opt in process, polling, customer feedback, verification and call bank services.  It is free services and provides facility to engage with your customer easily.

How it works?

Missed called service allows you to give a call on a predefined phone number. System automatically disconnects call after giving one ring. You get the response of predefined message respective to the services instantly.


  • Automatic notification via SMS or Email
  • Flexible to use mobile and landline phone
  • Free of call for callers
  • Unlimited incoming call can be process live
  • Customizable as per your requirement

How it can be useful for lead generation?

Every business industry or organization always wants to generate consumer interest into your products and services. This is basically called lead generation. You can improve sales team efficiency using missed called services.

User can write their toll free number in advertisement for call to action. When caller will call to that toll free number, his number automatically saved in database. This will help to increase lead generation of company.

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