Cab Booking IVR System

ivr for cab booking

While moving from home whether alone or with your family or friends, you require to book an taxi or cab or other inceptions many times. People are always looking for convenient ways to do things in order to save time and efforts. If you have booked already a taxi or cab, you would facilely handle it.  There are various modes of public transportation but people most of people choose cab or taxi for privacy and comfort.

Cab and taxi services have stared in taking up latest technologies for their operations. One of the best among them is IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology for cab booking facilities. Using automated cab booking IVR solution, users can book their cab anytime from anywhere. IVR gives the ability to city cabs and taxi to offer fast, reliable, efficient and safe way to book your cab or taxi.

IVR booking: How does it work?

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is a technology that helps to provide automatic phone answering services and also provide required information to consumer by using DTMF inputs.

When a user called on IVR number, he/she was greeted by an automated voice. The automated IVR system will ask you to registered address. If you are a mobile user, the IVR system will monitor the incoming numbers and address being booked and automatically take your call.

Feature of cab booking IVR Solution:

  • Integrated with GIS facility
  • Configurable IVR menu
  • DTMF support
  • Inbound call capability
  • Cost effective solution
  • SMS/Email integration



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