PRI Voice Logger

aria-parth-embedded-logger-single-pri-500x500Often phone call is a best way to communicate. From past few years, business interaction over phone calls plays a major part in daily operation. Call recording is a practice of listening and assessing conversation between callers or call center agent and customer. According to business requirement call records such as order booking, customer complaint, payment collection etc are conducted over phone.

Voice logger is easy to use and reliable telephone voice recording system. Voice logger helps to improve customer service by reviewing telephone conversation with customer.  It can be used in multiple sectors like IT companies, BPOs, Corporate, Hospitals, Banking sectors to record and analyze telephone interaction.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a form of telecommunication standard – ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). ISDN enables telephone lines for digital transmission of data or voice.  ISDN PRI Logger is complete conversation recording for all incoming and outgoing calls.

How can we help

Aria Telecom offers various range of voice logger system that provides tailored solution as your business requirement. Aria PRI Voice logger allows you to record phone conversation through PCI-e connectivity. It can be connected with direct exchange line, GSM gateway, PBX router etc.

Some advance features of Aria PRI Voice Logger as follows:

  • 100% Agent Recording
  • SMDR Integration
  • System health alarm and email alert
  • Automatic FTP backup
  • Third party CRM integration
  • Multi branch location monitoring
  • Agent live monitoring
  • Customizable disposition with call back option

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