Live Chat Customer Service


An increasing number of organizations are finding creative ways to meet the requirements of their customers for boosting loyalty and lead generation. Live Chat Service has become to replace more traditional way of customer service. Live chat is a platform that allows you to communicate with your website visitors. Normally customer always wants to know more about products and services, live chat is helpful for every business websites to resolve their website visitor’s problems and queries. Customer can get their all the requirement information in a fast and effective manner.

Offer your website visitors an amazing customer service experience that helps to increase customer lifetime values and also increase interaction with your customer.  We provide Aria Namaste Live Chat for effectively handling customer complaints and queries.

  • With Aria Namaste Live Chat Support you can monitor your customer’s activities and view data on chat session.
  • You can select your required department (like sales, support, software etc.)that routs your request to specific department of agent. It also has a facility of chat transfer to other agent with chat details.
  • Agent can start multiple conversations at one time.
  • Tracking information of your website visitor is also available, as visitors move through your website in real time.
  • Our live chat service also provides an option to email all your conversation.
  • Save all the chat with your customers and visitors automatically for future reference.

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