Predictive Dialer: To dial Faster

Predictive Dialer

In most of call centers, efficiency is absolute key. Maintaining large number of call in a day without interruption and through beating downtime is call efficiency. Like an auto dialing system, Predictive Dialer used in outbound call centers that helps call center agent to make call faster.

Predictive Dialer is an outbound dialer that automatically dials number from a list of number. When dialed call is picked up or get a human response then dialer immediately connect the free agent. If call is answered through a answering machine or it will get response of busy, no answer, switch off at that time call will not be transfer and system starts dialing on another number.

In other words, Predictive Dialer is an outbound dialing system that automatically calculates and predicts agent availability.

Who uses Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are used in telemarketing, market research, customer service, lead management etc. Predictive dialer plays an important role in sales acceleration.  Agent do not need to constantly call phone number list , dialer finds the best time to call and when current call will be finished, it dials the next number.

To increase contact center productivity by completely automatic dialing process Aria Telecom provides high performance Predictive Dialer.

Aria Predictive Dialer gives complete solutions for increasing the productivity in contact centers over manual dialing. It gives advantages to the entire corporations and call centers and minimizing time between answered calls.

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