Voice Broadcasting Outbound IVR


Interactive Voice Response System plays a valuable role in providing efficient customer services. Whenever users call a customer care number, they hear audio and give inputs by pressing a number. IVR is a technology that accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides response in the form of voice, email, fax or other media. Interactive Voice Response System enables callers to get the information with any human intervention.

Outbound IVR is used to proactively deliver automated telephone based communication. This technology provides facility to automatically engage with customers or clients through multiple channels like voice calls, voice messages, email and other media of outbound notifications. In other words we can say that outbound IVR system can make number of calls and conduct automatic phone survey that will bestow valuable data for you and your company.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is just like phone notification technique that delivers pre-recorded voice messages to thousands of client at a time. With Outbound IVR and voice broadcasting, your message or information materialized to meet exact requirement of your customer. So when an event occurs in your organization, you can quickly react with voice notification.

Government organization, corporation, insurance companies and other various sectors make use voice broadcasting service in order to outstretch their reach. Aria telecom researched all the necessary things in various business sectors which are required in outbound IVRS named Aria VC60 and designed in the same manner.

Application areas:

  • Automobile Industry:

Automobile industry involves designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of motor vehicle. OBD IVR can be useful for sending service reminder, insurance due reminder of vehicles.

  • Healthcare:

Healthcare service providers need to ensure complete satisfaction of patient by providing world class services and support. Our IVR healthcare solution is helpful for sending appointment reminder, Immunization alert and other healthcare updates.

  • Event Management :

A powerful event marketing strategy is at the heart of every successful event. Events like festivals, conference, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, conventions etc can be notified using Aria Voice Broadcasting IVRS.

  • Advertisement Agency:

Reaching to your customer with recorded voice messages can be very powerful marketing tool for small to large business organization. Our voice blaster IVR system is useful for various organizations for advertising and promoting their products and services.

  • Election Campaign

Automated outbound calling for political campaigns can provide candidates with a modern approach to voters. Using this technology people will be able to get the required information easily which helps to turn to polling station to vote. You can make awareness to the people about the leader and by using SMS, voice calls can make better connectivity with the people.

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